Trolling Instagram

'Twas the week for Christmas and all I could do, was troll instagram for #inspo and share it with you!

But really - I have about 30 other things I could be doing right now. Yet here I sit, scrolling and trolling through the never-ending source of gorgeous holiday and home decor images. There are suitcases that need packing, gifts that need wrapping, cards that need sending, and.... photos that need heart-ing???

Do you ever annoy yourself with the amount of time wasted on social media? I do! I guess it's my break/procrastination from the real world. And we all need a break once and a while, right? 

While we're away for the next week or so, I'm going to make a deliberate effort NOT to troll. Or else I think that spooky elf on the shelf will creep into our room when I'm asleep, cackle evil-y and pry the phone out of my sleeping death-grip. He'll bring it directly to Santa who will grind it into smithereens of coal for my stocking. (I don't have a stocking... so maybe he'll send it off to Chanukah Harry to be dealt with appropriately).

Anyways... gotta get my last trolling out for the season, so why not share my top ten favorite festive insta's with you?

Happy Holidays!


PS- you can troll my instagram feed here.