Guest Post :: Adding Spring Touches to Your Decor

Our design intern Asra has such style, and has been such an asset to our office! So it was a no brainer to ask her to do a guest post talking all about how to spring up your interior decor - especially on International Women’s Day! Take it away, Asra! ~L.S.

Photo Source:  JBirdNY

Photo Source: JBirdNY

The Porch

Your front porch is like a book cover to your home. It gives visitors the first impression of your unique style. Adding plants and flower pots will not only give a fresh and springy look to your entrance but will make a pleasant transition into your home. Add varied levels of height for interest by using inexpensive crates as containers for plants or opt for simple symmetry flanking the entry door.

The Entry

This probably goes without saying, but adding some indoor plants and flowers inside the house is an instant lift to the space. The entry is a good place to set the tone and add a touch of nature for warmth.

Source:  Decorpad

Source: Decorpad

White + More White + Green

Spring is the perfect time to pull out all the whites, ivories and creams. Having varied colors of white will give it a clean and cozy look. Adding in some small touches of greenery (even via artwork!) will really brighten up the space. Note the subtle touches in this photo: the tiny little succulent on the coffee table, the white garden stool as a side table, and the springy leaves featured in the artwork.

Spring Your Walls into Action

Adding a floral or bright colored wallpaper will really change the look of your room. Don’t be afraid of pink! How gorgeous is this pastel floral bathroom, juxtaposed against the black and white retro detail?

Source :  Decorpad

Source : Decorpad

Pop the Pillows

And if you’re not ready to commit to a whole wall of floral, what about just a little pop in the pillows? Put away those heavy dark pillows and add in some light, fun ones with spring motifs and flowers. They will instantly brighten up any room they are in.

Spring to the Center

Create a spring centerpiece or vignette for your center table. Use your imagination and pull out some pretty things you can use together to make a vignette with a spring feel.

Source:  Alizswonderland

Brighten the Bed

Changing the bed coverings to fun bright colors can make a big difference. And, it doesn’t have to look juvenile. Love this mix of the bright floral bedding against the more masculine leather headboard, and the boho touches of the moroccan rug and indoor plant, for that perfect “spring mix”.

Source: Elle Decor

Source: Elle Decor

Seasonal Table Linens

You can also add pop of color in your table linens - instant spring decor - and not a huge commitment!

Source:  Jenni Kayne

Source: Jenni Kayne

Branch Out

If you’re not a pink poufy bouquet type of person, even just some cherry blossom branches add an instant pick me up to your decor. Try to imagine this entry vignette without this subtle floral touch. It would still be beautiful, but that added nod to nature takes it to a new level.


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Guest Post by Decor Aid :: TOP HOME TRENDS FOR 2019

Hi Folks!

I don’t have too much time to be creating content these days - although I do enjoy it! So, you can imagine how excited I was when Decor Aid contacted me and offered to write a guest blog about Pinterest trends. Without further ado, I’ll let them take it away!



When it comes to looking for new design inspiration for your home, there are plenty of informative routes to go. Sure, architectural magazines are the ultimate resource thanks to their industry insider advice, and HGTV shows are absolutely entertaining and addictive. But one of the best outlets for endless inspiration according to the interior design experts at Décor Aid happens to be the most straightforward of them all - Pinterest. Yes, you read that right! After all, it’s also highly addictive, personal, and best of all, free to use. That said, the team at Décor Aid is here to walk us through the top design trends of the year according to Pinterest user searches.




With minimalism trending so heavily over the past few decades, it was only a matter of time before a shift towards the complete opposite direction started brewing. And with the return of maximalism comes so much more freedom to be expressive and unique. To keep the look feeling current, a tight edit and visual balance are essential so your efforts don’t come off as distracting, heavy-handed, or over stimulating.





On Pinterest, modern fireplaces saw a surprising increase of 763% in searches, and with the record-breaking winter seasons of late, it only makes sense. A contemporary fireplace will always look timeless while adding value to your property. And thanks to new innovations, many styles are now easy to manage and also take up less space.




Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 12.40.32 PM.png


No matter what’s trending at the time, geometric painted panels will always look fresh and appealing and pair well with just about any design style, from the minimal to the maximal. Just be sure to stick with no more than three colors at a time to keep it from looking heavy-handed.




While it was recently the color of the year a while ago, Pinterest users continue to search for mustard yellow décor ideas to this day. Follow suit and use the shade as an accent color in small doses to liven up a space.




Admittedly, wallpaper hasn’t looked so inspiring and viable since the early ‘90s, but thanks to innovative printing techniques, there’s something for everyone readily available. Go for the surprising and bring in a statement-making wallpaper featuring plays on various scales to make your home feel all the more unique.





While trending macrame wall art feels too common and ephemeral, there are plenty of other textile wall art options to help you add personality in your home. Instead of going for the predictable, look online for stunning fabricated wall art pieces that will add a unique sense of visual play in your home.  




Though it hasn’t been in vogue since the ‘50s, tin wall panels are great for evoking a charming vintage-inspired feel. Tin panels are also an affordable way to bring in tonal texture and symmetry whether that be on your ceiling, or used as a kitchen backsplash, or even lining a staircase wall.


Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 1.19.15 PM.png


With everyone thinking more and more about the need for sustainability and eco-friendly design, a living plant wall makes for a striking way to add greenery while taking advantage of ordinarily wasted space.




Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 1.22.01 PM.png


Searches for cactus arrangements have increased by 235%, and it only makes sense as they are an easy to care for and affordable way to introduce plants into any room in your home. And there’s an endless variety to choose from.  



Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 1.23.11 PM.png


Designed to strictly avoid the use of chlorine while embracing natural landscaping cues, organic swimming pools make for a smart investment to consider for your home as they’ll also increase its resale value.





Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 1.24.10 PM.png


Of all the top Pinterest home trends, painted floors were the most searched for décor ideas of them all as the year saw a whopping increase of 1276%. And it makes sense since painting a floor in an intriguing graphic pattern is inexpensive and easy to do on your own when looking to create a striking, visual effect. Especially when you can’t afford to cover unsightly linoleum.

Well, there you have it! Thank you Decor Aid! The Pinterest People have spoken. I’m going to have to say my favorite of these trends is the bold wallpaper. Go big or go home! It’s such a fun way to jazz up your space, especially in small amounts, like an accent wall or small powder room. Most of my awesome clients are game to try some fun wallpaper in their houses, more on that soon!